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<p>Mini-Scheme (which goes by the filenames
<code>minischeme</code> and <code>miniscm</code>) is at once one
of the tiniest and earliest Scheme implementations. Its obscure
beginnings and the several independent forks started in the
decades since have led to a confusing family tree which this page
tries to untangle.</p>
<h2>Original versions from Japan</h2>
<p>The original author of Mini-Scheme is mathematician Atsushi
Moriwaki from Kyoto University. After he stopped working on the
program, his compatriot Akira Kida maintained it for five
<p>Information about these early versions is found in the
<code>README</code> file of version 0.85k4. The file says the
program is based on an article <em>SCHEME Interpreter in Common
Lisp</em> which was published in Japan as an appendix of T.
Matsuda & K. Saigo, <em>Programming of LISP</em>, archive No 5
(1987) p6 - p42.</p>
<th>Release date</th>
<th>Version number</th>
<td>Atsushi Moriwaki</td>
<td>Akira Kida</td>
<td>Akira Kida</td>
<td>Akira Kida</td>
<td>Akira Kida</td>
<h2>Forks started after the year 2000</h2>
<h3>Nils M Holm</h3>
<p>Available from <a href=
<h3>Jacques Bailhache</h3>
<p>Hosted at the <a href=
project <code>minischeme</code></a></p>
<h3>Cat's Eye Technologies</h3>
<p>Hosted at the <a href=
"">GitHub repository
<p>The well-known implementation TinyScheme started off as a
Mini-Scheme fork but has been refactored and extended so much
that the name was changed.</p>
<p>Releases of the various Mini-Scheme forks are archived at
<a href=""></a> using a
file naming convention which includes the maintainer's handle as
well as a version number or release date.</p>
<p><a href="../">Scheme Conservatory</a></p>