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Scx 0.3 README					        -*- outline -*-

                             Scx library

Scx is an interface to Xlib for the Scheme implementation scsh. Scx is
based on the Xlib interface of Elk 3.0 and shares most of the original
API. In addition, scx provides bindings to the xft library for font

* Installation

Starting with version 0.2, scx conforms to the packaging proposal for
scsh by Michel Schinz. Please see: 


In short, this means that you can install scx by unpacking the scx
tarball and issuing the following command in the created directory:

scsh-install-pkg --prefix /path/to/your/package/root

See the file INSTALL for the generic installation instructions for
scsh packages.

The scx package accepts a special option "--with-xft <yes/no>" that
controls the installation of the Xft bindings.  Enable this option if
your local X installation provides Xft.

You need to install Sunterlib 0.6 or later from
<http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/sunterlib> to use scx.

* Documentation

There is currently no documentation specific to scx but the
description of the original Elk API at
http://www-rn.informatik.uni-bremen.de/software/elk/doc.html might be

* Loading the code

Start scsh like this:

scsh -lel cml/load.scm -lel heap-images/load.scm -lel scx/load.scm

* Support

Please direct questions, comments, answers about scx to the regular
scsh mailing list at