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						-*- outline -*-
			     scsh-yp v0.2

* What is scsh-yp?

  Scsh-yp is a package for scsh, the Scheme shell that provides
  bindings to the YP/NIS functions.  This enables the scsh user to
  lookup data in a NIS or YP database without calling the
  corresponding external program (i. e. ypbind, ypmatch etc).

* How to install

  Scsh 0.6.6 introduced support for a package system, which manages
  the automatic installation of library code for scsh.  This package
  uses Michel Schinz' package management system to install itself.
  The package system is ditributed seperatly, so you need to get and
  install it first.[1] The file INSTALL explains how to use the
  package installation program.  For the impatient, run
  scsh-install-pkg from the scsh-yp directory:

  scsh-install-pkg --prefix=/usr/local/scsh-modules

  The argument for the prefix option should point to the directory
  where you your scsh libaries.  There is a little amount of C code
  that will compiled to a shared library.  If directory is shared
  across multiple machines and platforms, each platform gets its own
  shared library in a seperate directory.

* How to use

  See doc/scsh-yp.txt

[1]  <http://lamp.epfl.ch/~schinz/scsh_packages/>