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Origin of the StripedGazelle
<p>The StripedGazelle refers to a mythic animal whose birth I witnessed in a dream. The events in the dream were as follows:
I am aboard the Starship Enterprise. :-)<br>
I am looking for a dangerous cat who is loose somewhere on the ship.<br>
I find the cat, she becomes Eve, and we are to take her in custody.<br>
Captain Picard is now with us. Eve tells him she must recombine with the Original Adam.<br>
She transforms before us, becoming the Original Hermaphroditic Adam. He/she now has a stocky appearance, with bumpy skin.<br>
He/she says he/she must rest now. He/she lies down in a tomb-like bath, immediately below the water, my hand in his/hers.<br>
I begin experiencing powerful sensations throughout my body. Suddenly he/she is gone!<br>
Searching for him/her, I arrive in a room filled with people. I recognize to my left a man standing who I am convinced is Adam now transformed again into John the Baptist.<br>
As soon as I recognize this, John is standing in the center of the room, and in brief flashes, ever more closely spaced, appears as a statue of Christ.<br>
I am now holding the captain's hand. The flashes increase in frequency until John appears finally as a solid yet living statue of Christ. Christ's appearance is of a strong man with a long full beard. The statue is covered with pink spots (like polka-dots).<br>
The atmosphere in the room is now extraordinarily numinous. I notice that some of the other people in the room, hitherto unaware, are now seated on the floor in lotus-posture and attentive to what is going on. Now the Christ statue begins to peel open from the top.<br>
The statue peels completely away to reveal a newborn, black and white striped gazelle, glowing with a golden aura. I awake in the knowledge that I have just witnessed a divine and momentous birth.