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@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ My overarching goal has been SIMPLICITY.
I have chosen a design and implementation that is as straightforward and direct as I could imagine.
The result is an executable that is quite small and, for an interpreter, quite fast as well. :-)
<dd>Download source (gcc on PowerPC): <a href="http://www.stripedgazelle.org/joey/src/dream_ppc.tar.gz">dream_ppc.tar.gz</a></dd>
<dd>Download source (gcc on x86): <a href="http://www.stripedgazelle.org/joey/src/dream_x86.tar.gz">dream_x86.tar.gz</a></dd>
<dd>Download source and executable for Windows (gcc-mingw on x86): <a href="http://www.stripedgazelle.org/joey/src/dream_x86_mingw.zip">dream_x86_mingw.zip</a></dd>
<dd>Download source (gcc on PowerPC): <a href="/cgi-bin/wiki_joey/dreamppc.tar.gz">dreamppc.tar.gz</a></dd>
<dd>Download source (gcc on x86): <a href="/cgi-bin/wiki_joey/dreamx86.tar.gz">dreamx86.tar.gz</a></dd>
<dd>Download source and executable for Windows (gcc-mingw on x86): <a href="/cgi-bin/wiki_joey/dreamx86mingw.zip">dreamx86mingw.zip</a></dd>
<h1>Notes on the Design of the 'dream' Scheme Interpreter</h1>