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<title>The 'dream' Scheme Interpreter</title>
<h1>The 'dream' Scheme Interpreter</h1>
Download source (gcc on x86): <a href="http://www.stripedgazelle.org/joey/src/dream.tar.gz">dream.tar.gz</a> or <a href="http://www.stripedgazelle.org/joey/src/dream.zip">dream.zip</a>
Or run a stripped-down instance (no file I/O) via telnet: <a href="telnet://stripedgazelle.org">telnet://stripedgazelle.org</a>
I am proud to announce the premier production version of my Scheme interpreter, 'dream', written entirely in x86 assembly language (GAS syntax.) :-)
All essential syntax and procedures from the R4RS standard are implemented.