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<title>Notes on the Design of the 'dream' Scheme Interpreter</title>
<h1>Notes on the Design of the 'dream' Scheme Interpreter</h1>
Download here for Linux on x86 only: <a href="http://www.stripedgazelle.org/joey/src/dream.tar.gz">dream.tar.gz</a>
Download source (gcc on x86): <a href="http://www.stripedgazelle.org/joey/src/dream.tar.gz">dream.tar.gz</a>
The design for the 'dream' Scheme interpreter began with the design given in Abelson and Sussman's <u>Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs</u>.
@ -57,6 +57,10 @@ The x86 register ecx is left free to be used as temporary storage and need never
All other registers except esp must point to a valid scheme object (or null) when the garbage collector is invoked.
The stop and copy garbage collector registers old, new, and scan in <u>Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs</u> are implemented by the x86 registers esi, edi, and eax respectively.
The standard C library is used for file input and output in order facilitate portability (albeit limited to x86 architectures). Specifically, only fgetc, fputc, fprintf, fopen, and fclose are used.
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