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<title>The 'dream' Scheme Interpreter</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dream.css">
<h1>The 'dream' Scheme Interpreter</h1>
by David Joseph Stith
@ -33,9 +34,7 @@ So unzip to your C: drive, or else place a copy of 'bootstrap.scm' there.</dd>
<b>Check out my DreamOS based on the Dream Scheme
Interpreter as a bootable floppy disk:</b> <a href="dreamos.html">dreamos</a>
Interpreter as a bootable floppy disk:</b> <a href="../dreamos/">dreamos</a> :-)
<h2>Notes on the Design</h2>
@ -140,6 +139,6 @@ The registers denoted by EXP, ENV, UNEV, ARGL, VAL, and FREE in <a href="https:/
The registers EXP, ENV, UNEV, ARGL, and VAL must point to a valid scheme object (or be zero) when the garbage collector is invoked.
Likewise, the garbage collector registers OLD, NEW, and SCAN are implemented by the machine registers ESI, EDI, and EAX respectively.
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<a href="../">Scheme Conservatory</a>