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<H2><IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="./Img/ManPageGreen.gif"> popup</H2>
<I>Post a popup menu</I><P><IMG ALIGN=TOP SRC="./Img/line-red.gif">
<H3><A NAME="M2">SYNOPSIS</A></H3>
<B>(Tk:popup </B><I>menu x y </I>)<BR>
<B>(Tk:popup </B><I>menu x y </I> <I>entry</I>)<BR>
This procedure posts a menu at a given position on the screen and
configures Tk so that the menu and its cascaded children can be
traversed with the mouse or the keyboard.
<I>Menu</I> is the name of a menu widget and <I>x</I> and <I>y</I>
are the root coordinates at which to display the menu.
If <I>entry</I> is omitted or an empty string, the
menu's upper left corner is positioned at the given point.
Otherwise <I>entry</I> gives the index of an entry in <I>menu</I> and
the menu will be positioned so that the entry is positioned over
the given point.
<H3><A NAME="M4">SEE ALSO</A></H3>
<B><A HREF="./menu.n.html">menu</A></B>, <B><A HREF="./option-menu.n.html">option-menu</A></B>
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