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<TITLE>STk Inspector</TITLE>
<H1><IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="Img/note.gif">STk Inspector</H1>
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The <B>inspector</B> is the simplest tool to visualize the value of
Scheme variables. To inspect the variable <I>my-variable</I>, just type:
STk> (inspect 'my-variable)
A variable can also be inspected in particular environment as in:
STk> (inspect 'var (procedure-environment foo))
To uninspect a variable, just enter the following expression:
(uninspect 'var)
or select the <B>Uninspect</B> option in the Icon menu associated
with the object line inspector.
<h3>Screen organization</h3>
The <B>inspector</B> is a toplevel window divided in 2 areas:
<li> a menu bar with two buttons: <b>Command</b> and <b>Help</b>
<li> a list of all inspected objects. Each line of this list contains
4 fields which are:
<li> the name of the inspected varaiable.
<li> the environment of the inspected variable
<li> the current value of the inpected variable.
This field is editable; the <tt>&lt;Return&gt;</tt> key sets the
inspected variable to the <ul>evaluated</ul> value contained in
this field. The <tt>&lt;Shift-Return&gt;</tt> keys sets this
variable to the content of the field without eveluation.
<li> a menu icon which provides various actions on the
inspected variable.
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