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<H2><IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="./Img/ManPageYellow.gif"> ftp </H2>
<I>A small (and very incomplete) FTP library</I><P><IMG ALIGN=TOP SRC="./Img/line-red.gif">
<H3><A NAME="M2">SYNOPSIS</A></H3>
(<B>make </B><I>&lt;FTP-connection&gt; </I>?<I>options</I>?)<BR>
(<B>ftp-login f user pass</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-quit f</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-chdir f dir</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-pwd f</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-type f mode</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-help f</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-help f command</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-dir f</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-dir f args</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-get f file</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-put f file</B>)<BR>
(<B>ftp-display f file</B>)<BR>
<DT><A NAME="M4">{<I>Included&nbsp;with:</I>}</A><DD>
(require &quot;ftp&quot;)
<DT><A NAME="M5">{<I>Inherits&nbsp;from:</I>}</A><DD>
<DT><A NAME="M6">{<I>Direct&nbsp;slots:</I>}</A><DD>
<B>host</B> contains the name of the host to connect to.
<B>port</B> specifies the port to use to establish the ftp connection.
This slot is initialized by default to 21 by default (the standard ftp port).
<B>echo</B> is the name of a one parameter procedure used to display
the messages sent by the ftp server. This slot is initialized to by
default to the standard <I>display</I> procedure.
This library is a first attempt to make the FTP protocol available
from the STk interpreter. It is still very incomplete and has not
been intensively tested. Any help to make the subset implemented
conform to RFC 959 would be greatly appreciated.
The following procedure are implemented by the library:
<DT><A NAME="M8">(<B>ftp-quit f</B>)</A><DD>
close the connection <I>f</I> to the remote host and the associated files.
<DT><A NAME="M9">(<B>ftp-chdir f dir</B>)</A><DD>
changes the remote working directory on the <I>f</I> connection.
<DT><A NAME="M10">(<B>ftp-pwd f</B>)</A><DD>
returns the remote working directory on the <I>f</I> connection.
<DT><A NAME="M11">(<B>ftp-type f mode</B>)</A><DD>
set the file transfer type to <I>mode</I> on the <I>f</I>
connection. <I>Mode</I> must be a one letter symbol such as
'a (for ASCII) or 'i (for image).
<DT><A NAME="M12">(<B>ftp-help f</B>)</A><DD>
<DT><A NAME="M13">(<B>ftp-help f command</B>)</A><DD>
prints help from the server connected to <I>f</I> on the standard output port.
<DT><A NAME="M14">(<B>ftp-dir f</B>)</A><DD>
<DT><A NAME="M15">(<B>ftp-dir f args</B>)</A><DD>
gives the list of files in the current remote directory. If args is specified
it is passed to the ftp server.
<DT><A NAME="M16">(<B>ftp-get f file</B>)</A><DD>
retrieves <I>file</I> on the remote server.
<DT><A NAME="M17">(<B>ftp-put f file</B>)</A><DD>
stores <I>file</I> on the remote server.
<DT><A NAME="M18">(<B>ftp-display f file</B>)</A><DD>
prints on the standard output port the content of the file <I>file</I>
located the remote server.
All these procedures return a boolean value which indicate if the requested
operation succeeded or not.
<H3><A NAME="M19">EXAMPLE</A></H3>
Hereafter is a simple session which prints the content of the /pub
directory and gets the last release of STk on the <I>kaolin</I>
<PRE>(define f (make &lt;FTP-connection&gt; :host &quot;;))
(when (ftp-login f &quot;anonymous&quot; &quot;;)
(ftp-chdir f &quot;/pub&quot;)
(ftp-dir f &quot;-lsa&quot;)
(ftp-get f &quot;STk.tar.gz&quot;)
(ftp-quit f))</PRE>
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