- adjusted for new expect interface

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frese 2004-08-24 13:25:58 +00:00
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@ -60,12 +60,11 @@
(expect (option (timeout tmout) ; Timeout in $chat-timeout secs.
(monitor (if cmon
(chat->expect-monitor cmon)
(lambda (task event) #f)))) ; No-op
;; Expect triggers the monitor for us on timeout.
(on-timeout (if (pair? maybe-on-timeout) ; Timeout =>
((car maybe-on-timeout)) ; Call handler or
(chat-cont 'timeout))) ; abort.
(lambda (task event) #f))) ; No-op
;; Timeout => Call handler or abort.
(on-timeout (if (pair? maybe-on-timeout)
((car maybe-on-timeout))
(chat-cont 'timeout))))
(task (re (m) ; See RE => return false.
(if cmon (cmon 'found m))