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@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
exec scsh -lel expect/load.scm -o threads -o expect -o let-opt -e main -s "$0" "$@"
(define *respond-time* 2)
(define *sendmail* "/usr/sbin/sendmail")
(define verbose? #t)
(define (display-mail address dead-hosts)
(display "From: ping-and-mail\n")
(display (format #f "To: ~a\n" address))
(display "Subject: Dead hosts detected\n\n")
(display "The following hosts did not react to a ping within a ")
(display (format #f "period of ~a seconds:" (number->string *respond-time*)))
(display "\n")
(for-each (lambda (s) (display (format #f "~a\n" s))) dead-hosts)
(display ".\n"))
(define (send-mail address dead-hosts)
(wait (fork (lambda ()
(fork/pipe (lambda ()
;; child (stdout)
(display-mail address dead-hosts)))
;; parent (stdin)
(exec-epf (,*sendmail* ,address))))))
(define (dead? host)
(let ((task (spawn (ping -c 1 ,host))))
(let ((res (chat task
(chat-timeout *respond-time*)
(look-for (rx "1 " (* (- any #\,)) "received") #f)
(close-task task)
(not (eq? res 'alive)))))
(define (main args)
(if (or (< (length args) 2) (string=? (cadr args) "--help"))
(let* ((hosts (cddr args))
(address (cadr args))
(dead (filter (lambda (h)
(let ((d (dead? h)))
(if verbose?
(display (format #f "~a: ~a\n"
h (if d "dead" "alive"))))
(if (not (null? dead))
(send-mail address dead)
(if verbose?
(display (format #f "Mail sent to ~a\n" address))))
(if verbose?
(display "No hosts dead\n"))))))
(define (display-usage)
(display "Usage: ping-and-mail.scm emailaddress host ...\n"))