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The EDWIN option.
This option extends Scheme with a source code (text) editor. It is
built in the GNU standard way:
./configure ...
make all
make check
make install
The last command will attempt to create a subdirectory in the first
directory on Scheme's library path. If that directory is not writable
by you, super-user privileges may be required.
You can put a writable directory at the front of your Scheme's library
path by setting the MITSCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable and
creating a short optiondb file.
mkdir ~/.mit-scheme-x86-64
echo "(further-load-options #t)" > ~/.mit-scheme-x86-64/optiondb.scm
make install
To use: call the global `edit' procedure, or specify --edit on the
Scheme command line. For more information see the MIT/GNU Scheme
User's Manual.
Notes on the Edwin sources:
If you want to add a new file to the source tree, you need to
modify the following three files:
If the file should be loaded into the default edwin band, you must also
edit the file:
If the file is to be autoloaded, you must edit the file:
So, in either case, you have to change four files.