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@ -154,37 +154,7 @@ version:</font></font></b>
<!-- Old URL: -->
<a href="//">source tar.gz</a></li>
<a href="">rpm i386
binary package</a></li>
<a href="">rpm source
<a href="">debian i386 binary package</a>
(thanks to Georges Khaznadar,</li>
<b>Known Intallation Problems:</b>
With Dec Alpha, Stk and Xxl cannot be compiled with gcc.</li>
<br><b>FIX</b>:&nbsp; use the native C compiler (ie cc)</ul>
Problem loading when xxl starts (unresolved symbols). You have
upgraded to lib6c (glibc), but your STk had been compiled under lib5c.</li>
<br><b>FIX</b>:&nbsp; recompile STk&nbsp; using libc6</ul>
With SunOS helios 5.6 (and maybe others sunos), xxl does not compile with
yacc and lex.</li>
<br><b>FIX</b>:&nbsp; install and use <a href="">flex</a>
and <a href="">bison</a></ul>