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(define gf-prefix
((eq? (scheme-implementation-type) 'scm) "good/")
((eq? (scheme-implementation-platform) 'VxWorks) "vx-good")
((and (eq? (scheme-implementation-type) 'vx-scheme)
(eq? (vx-scheme-implementation-type) 'vm)) "c-good/")
((eq? (scheme-implementation-platform) 'win32) "w32-good/")
(else "good/")))
;; some of our testcases use notation like 'bitwise-and' for 'logand';
;; we supply the needed bindings
(define bitwise-and logand)
(define bitwise-not lognot)
(define (file=? f1 f2) ; compare two open files for
(let loop ((c1 (read-char f1)) ; bytewise equality.
(c2 (read-char f2)))
(cond ((eof-object? c1) ; if both files EOF at the
(eof-object? c2)) ; same time, we win, else
((eof-object? c2) ; the streams aren't equal.
(if (eqv? c1 c2) ; two equal chars? keep going
(loop (read-char f1)
(read-char f2))
#f))))) ; unequal characters: lose.
(define testcases '("r4rstest" "pi" "scheme" "dynamic" "earley" "maze"
"dderiv" "boyer" "puzzle" "ack" "sieve" "cf" "series"))
(define (run-testcase t) ; run one testcase
(gc) ; give each test a clean start
(let* ((infile (string-append t ".scm"))
(outfile (string-append t ".out"))
(goodfile (string-append gf-prefix t ".good"))
(time (lambda ()
(with-output-to-file outfile
(lambda () (load infile))))))
(ok (file=? (open-input-file outfile) ; compare it with good output
(open-input-file goodfile))))
(cons ok (car result)))) ; return (pass? . elapsed time)
(let ((total-time 0.0))
(for-each ; run all testcases
(lambda (testcase)
(let ((result (run-testcase testcase)))
(if (car result)
(display "PASS: ")
(display (cdr result))
(display " ")
(set! total-time (+ total-time (cdr result))))
(display "FAIL: "))
(display testcase)
(display "total time: ")
(display total-time)