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;;;; -*-Scheme-*-
;;;; $Revision: 1.5 $
;;;; General-purpose hypertext requests
;;;; This implementation is undocumented and is likely to change in
;;;; future relases.
(if (not (string=? (substitute "%format%") "html"))
(quit "hypertext functions require -fhtml"))
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Data structures.
(define ht-anchors '())
(define ht-references '())
(define anchor-name car)
(define anchor-location cdr)
(define (anchor-create name location)
(cons name location))
(define ref-filename car)
(define ref-offset cadr)
(define ref-location caddr)
(define ref-name cadddr)
(define (ref-unresolved? x)
(eqv? (ref-location x) ""))
(define (set-ref-location! x l)
(set-car! (cddr x) l))
(define (ref-create filename offset name)
(list filename offset "" name))
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Figure out if hypertext request is allowed at a given place and the
;;; filename to use in hypertext anchor.
(define (default-query-anchor request label)
(lambda (op)
(case op
(allowed? #t)
(emit-anchor? #t)
(filename (stream-target (output-stream))))))
(define (ht-querier request label)
(let ((q (if (bound? 'query-anchor) query-anchor default-query-anchor)))
(q request label)))
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Create hypertext anchor.
;;; .Ha label anchor-text
(defmacro 'Ha
(lambda (Ha name contents)
(let* ((q (ht-querier '.Ha name))
(location (q 'filename)))
((not (q 'allowed?))
((assoc name ht-anchors)
(warn ".Ha with duplicate anchor name `~a'" name))
(resolve-ht-reference name location)
(list-push! ht-anchors (anchor-create name location))
(if (q 'emit-anchor?)
(concat (format #f "<a name=\"~a\">~a</a>" (parse-unquote name)
(parse contents)))
(define (resolve-ht-reference name location)
(let loop ((x ht-references))
((not (null? x))
(if (and (ref-unresolved? (car x))
(string=? (ref-name (car x)) name))
(set-ref-location! (car x) location))
(loop (cdr x))))))
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Create hypertext reference.
;;; .Hr -url url anchor-text [suffix]
;;; .Hr -symbolic label anchor-text [suffix]
;;; .Hr troff-text
(defmacro 'Hr
(lambda (Hr type . args)
((string=? type "-url")
(if (< (length args) 2)
(warn "too few arguments for .Hr")
(format #f "<a href=\"~a\">~a</a>~a"
(parse-unquote (car args))
(parse (cadr args))
(if (null? (cddr args))
(parse (caddr args) #\newline))))))
((string=? type "-symbolic")
(if (< (length args) 2)
(warn "too few arguments for .Hr")
(let* ((ref (car args))
(q (ht-querier '.Hr ref))
(filename (q 'filename))
(a (assoc ref ht-anchors))
(location (if a (cdr a) "")))
((not (q 'allowed?))
((and (not a) (not (output-stream)))
(warn ".Hr forward reference requires `document' option"))
(emit "<a href=\"")
(if (not a)
(list-push! ht-references
(ref-create filename (stream-position (output-stream))
(concat (if (string=? filename location) "" location)
#\# (parse-unquote ref) "\">"
(parse (cadr args)) "</a>"
(if (null? (cddr args))
(parse (caddr args) #\newline))))))))
(else ""))))
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Complain about unresolved references and weed out references that
;;; point into the file where they appear; then do the file insertions.
(define (check-ht-references)
(let loop ((x ht-references) (new '()))
((null? x)
((ref-unresolved? (car x))
(warn "unresolved hypertext reference `~a' in file ~a"
(ref-name (car x)) (ref-filename (car x)))
(loop (cdr x) new))
((string=? (ref-filename (car x)) (ref-location (car x)))
(loop (cdr x) new))
(loop (cdr x) (cons (car x) new))))))
(define (insert-ht-references)
(let ((refs (check-ht-references)))
(file-insertions refs)))
(defevent 'exit 90 insert-ht-references)