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2023-02-13 08:45:50 -05:00
Here comes an EQ/EN pair that just serves defining the delimiters
for inline equations (we will use the dollar sign for this purpose).
No eqn-output should not appear here, and no hypertext reference
should be generated if we are creating GIF files.
delim $$
Now lets typeset a real equation, again using EQ and EN.
The equation should either be displayed as preformatted text or as
an inline GIF image:
size 18 { a+b over 2c = 1 }
Finally an inline equation such as $size 16 { sqrt a+b }$ which uses the
delimiters defined at the start of this document.
It should either be typeset in Italics or appear as a GIF image.
Now lets test tables.
Here is a simple table that uses the \f2box\fP attribute and
has two header rows, two columns, and three data rows:
box, tab(~);
c s
c | c
n n.
Price Development
The table should either appear as preformatted text or as a GIF
image (the latter will probably turn out a bit too small).
Finally a PIC drawing:
box "foo"
box "bar"