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Here is how to compile GNU MP.
You probably want to use the GNU C compiler to build this library.
With other compilers the speed of the library will be 3-10 times
slower for many CPU:s. The reason for this is that the GNU C compiler
will use inline assembler for some important operations, while other C
compilers will have to stick to plain C code.
This is how to build the library:
Type "make" to build libgmp.a and libmp.a. The former is the main
GNU MP library. The latter is the Berkeley MP compatible library.
If you don't have GCC, type "make CC=cc". The compilation should, at
least with GCC, proceed without any kind of warnings from the compiler
programs. On the DEC Alpha, you have to use GCC because of bugs in DEC's
own compiler. GCC 2.3.3 for x86, Alpha, and HP-PA has bugs that make
several functions be mis-optimized. Later version of GCC does not have
this problem.
To build and run the tests, do "make check".
The documentation is an a texinfo file, gmp.texi.
To create the documentation from the texinfo source, type "make doc".
This requires the "tex" and "makeinfo" commands to be available in
your search path. If you have only one of them, you can create the
dvi file (for the paper manual) with "make gmp.dvi", and the info file
(for the GNU online manual facility) with "make".
You need version 2.06 or later of texinfo in order to build the
Please report problems to