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;;;; Copyright © 1993-1999 Erick Gallesio - I3S-CNRS/ESSI <>
;;;; Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute,and license this
;;;; software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted,
;;;; provided that existing copyright notices are retained in all
;;;; copies and that this notice is included verbatim in any
;;;; distributions. No written agreement, license, or royalty fee is
;;;; required for any of the authorized uses.
;;;; This software is provided ``AS IS'' without express or implied
;;;; warranty.
;;;; Author: Erick Gallesio []
;;;; Creation date: 19-Aug-1993 15:08
;;;; Last file update: 3-Sep-1999 18:56 (eg)
(define Color "#000000")
(define V (vector 0 0 0))
(define (make-color index name)
(let* ((f (format #f ".f.v~a" index))
(conv (lambda (n)
(string-append (if (>= n 16) "" "0") (number->string n 16))))
(cmd (lambda (val)
(vector-set! V index val)
(set! Color (apply string-append "#" (map conv (vector->list V))))
(tk-set! .sample :bg Color))))
(frame f :relief "groove" :bd 2)
[label (format #f "~a.l" f) :text name :foreground name :width 10]
[scale (format #f "~a.s" f) :from 0 :to 255 :orient "horiz"
:command cmd :length 300]
:side "left" :padx 2 :pady 2)
(pack f :padx 5 :pady 5)))
;;; Make interface
[frame '.f :relief "raised" :bd 2]
[frame '.sample :width 30 :height 50 :bg Color]
[label '.color :font '(helvetica 10) :textvariable 'Color
:relief "ridge" :bd 4]
[button '.quit :text "Quit" :command (lambda ()
(format #t "color=~A~%" Color)
(destroy *root*))]
:fill "both")
(let ((c '#("Red" "Green" "Blue")))
(dotimes (i 3) (make-color i (vector-ref c i))))