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;;;; STk adaptation of the Tk widget demo.
;;;; This demonstration script creates a window with a bunch of menus
;;;; and cascaded menus.
(define (demo-menu)
(let ((w (make-demo-toplevel "menu" "Menu Demonstration" #f))
(txt "This window contains a collection of menus and cascaded menus. You can post a menu from the keyboard by typing Alt+x, where \"x\" is the character underlined on the menu. You can then traverse among the menus using the arrow keys. When a menu is posted, you can invoke the current entry by typing space, or you can invoke any entry by typing its underlined character. If a menu entry has an accelerator, you can invoke the entry without posting the menu just by typing the accelerator."))
(define (mess str)
(error "This is just a demo: no action has been defined for the \"~A\" entry"
(define (print-letter letter)
(let ((binding (lambda () (display letter) (newline))))
(bind w (format #f "<Meta-~A>" letter) binding)
`(command :label ,(format #f "Print letter ~S" letter) :underline 14
:accel ,(format #f "Meta+~a" letter) :command ,binding)))
(define (print-hello-goodbye text letter)
(let ((binding (lambda () (display text) (newline))))
(bind w (format #f "<Control-~A>" letter) binding)
`(command :label ,(format #f "Print ~A" text)
:underline 6 :accel ,(format #f "Control+~a" letter)
:command ,binding)))
(define (print-message mess)
`(command :label ,mess :command ,(lambda ()
(format #t "You invoked ~S\n" mess))))
(define (print-message2 mess)
`(command :label ,mess :background ,mess
:command ,(lambda () (format #t "You invoked ~S\n" mess))))
(define f (make-toolbar w
("Open ..." ,(lambda () (mess "Open ...")))
("New" ,(lambda () (mess "New")))
("Save" ,(lambda () (mess "Save")))
("Save As ..." ,(lambda () (mess "Save As ...")))
("Print Setup ..." ,(lambda () (mess "Print Setup ...")))
("Print ..." ,(lambda () (mess "Print ...")))
("Quit" ,(lambda () (destroy (winfo 'toplevel w)))))
("Long entry that does nothing"
,(lambda () #f))
,(print-letter "a")
,(print-letter "b")
,(print-letter "c")
,(print-letter "d")
,(print-letter "e")
,(print-letter "f")
,(print-letter "g"))
,(print-hello-goodbye "Hello" "a")
,(print-hello-goodbye "Goodbye" "b")
("Check buttons"
(check :label "Oil checked" :variable oil)
(check :label "Transmission checked" :variable trans)
(check :label "Brakes checked" :variable brakes)
(check :label "Lights checked" :variable lights)
("Show current values"
,(lambda ()
(show-variables w '(oil trans brakes lights)))))
("Radio buttons"
(radio :label "10 point" :variable point-size :value 10)
(radio :label "14 point" :variable point-size :value 14)
(radio :label "18 point" :variable point-size :value 18)
(radio :label "24 point" :variable point-size :value 24)
(radio :label "32 point" :variable point-size :value 32)
(radio :label "Roman" :variable style :value "roman")
(radio :label "Bold" :variable style :value "bold")
(radio :label "Italic" :variable style :value "italic")
("Show current values"
,(lambda () (show-variables w '(style point-size))))))
(command :bitmap ,(string-append "@" *stk-images* "/pattern")
:command ,(lambda ()
(STk:make-dialog :text "The menu entry you invoked displays a bitmap rather than a text string. Other than this, it is just like any other menu entry." :buttons (list (list "OK" (lambda () 'OK))))))
(command :bitmap "info"
:command (format #t "You invoked the info bitmap\n"))
(command :bitmap "questhead"
:command (format #t "You invoked the questhead bitmap\n"))
(command :bitmap "error"
:command (format #t "You invoked the error bitmap\n")))
,(print-message "An entry")
,(print-message "Another entry")
,(print-message "Does nothing")
,(print-message "Does almost nothing")
,(print-message "Make life meaningful"))
,(print-message2 "red")
,(print-message2 "orange")
,(print-message2 "yellow")
,(print-message2 "green")
,(print-message2 "blue")))))
(slot-set! f 'border-width 3)
(slot-set! f 'relief "raised")
(let ((lab (make <Label> :parent w
:wrap-length "4i"
:justify "left"
:font demo-font
:text txt)))
(pack f lab :expand #t :fill "x")
(set! (release-command f) (default-release-toolbar lab)))))