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;;;; STk adaptation of the Tk widget demo.
;;;; This demonstration script creates a toplevel window containing
;;;; several label widgets.
(require "Button")
(define (demo-label)
(let* ((w (make-demo-toplevel "label"
"Label Demonstration"
"Five labels are displayed below: three textual ones on the left, and a bitmap label and a text label on the right. Labels are pretty boring because you can't do anything with them."))
(left (make <Frame> :parent w))
(right (make <Frame> :parent w)))
;; The labels on the left
(pack (make <Label> :parent left :text "First label")
(make <Label> :parent left :text "Second label, raised" :relief "raised")
(make <Label> :parent left :text "Third label, sunken" :relief "sunken")
:side "top"
:expand #t
:pady 2
:anchor "w")
;; labels on the right
(pack (make <Label> :parent right :border-width 2 :relief "sunken"
:bitmap (string-append "@" *STk-images* "face"))
(make <Label> :parent right :text "Tcl/Tk Proprietor")
:side "top")
(pack left right :side "left" :expand #t :padx 10 :pady 10 :fill "both")))