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;;;; STk adaptation of the Tk widget demo.
;;;; This demonstration script creates a toplevel window containing
;;;; buttons that display bitmaps instead of text.
(define (demo-icon)
(let* ((w (make-demo-toplevel "icon"
"Iconic Button Demonstration"
"This window shows three ways of using bitmaps or images in radiobuttons and checkbuttons. On the left are two radiobuttons, each of which displays a bitmap and an indicator. In the middle is a checkbutton that displays a different image depending on whether it is selected or not. On the right is a checkbutton that displays a single bitmap but changes its background color to indicate whether or not it is selected."))
(up (make <Bitmap-Image> :file (string-append *STk-images* "flagup")))
(down (make <Bitmap-Image> :file (string-append *STk-images* "flagdown")))
(left (make <Frame> :parent w :border-width 10))
(right (make <Frame> :parent w :border-width 10)))
;; Create Radio buttons
(pack (make <Radio-button>
:parent left
:bitmap (string-append "@" *STk-images* "letters")
:variable 'letters
:value "full")
(make <Radio-button>
:parent left
:bitmap (string-append "@" *STk-images* "noletters")
:variable 'letters
:value "empty")
:pady "3m")
;; Create check buttons
(pack (make <Check-button>
:parent right
:image down
:select-image up
:indicator-on #f)
(make <Check-button>
:parent right
:bitmap (string-append "@" *STk-images* "letters")
:indicator-on "0"
:select-color "SeaGreen1")
:side "left" :expand #t :padx "5m")
(pack left right :side "left" :expand #t)))