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;;;; STk adaptation of the Tk widget demo.
;;;; This demonstration script creates a listbox widget that displays
;;;; the names of the 50 states in the United States of America.
(require "Scrollbox")
(define (demo-colors)
(let* ((w (make-demo-toplevel "colors"
"Listbox Demonstration (colors)"
"A listbox containing several color names is displayed below, along with a scrollbar. You can scan the list either using the scrollbar or by dragging in the listbox window with Shift key and button 2 pressed. If you double-click button 1 on a color, then the application's color palette will be set to match that color"))
(l (list "snow1" "snow2" "snow3" "snow4" "seashell1" "seashell2" "seashell3" "seashell4" "AntiqueWhite1" "AntiqueWhite2" "AntiqueWhite3" "AntiqueWhite4" "bisque1" "bisque2" "bisque3" "bisque4" "PeachPuff1" "PeachPuff2" "PeachPuff3" "PeachPuff4" "NavajoWhite1" "NavajoWhite2" "NavajoWhite3" "NavajoWhite4" "LemonChiffon1" "LemonChiffon2" "LemonChiffon3" "LemonChiffon4" "cornsilk1" "cornsilk2" "cornsilk3" "cornsilk4" "ivory1" "ivory2" "ivory3" "ivory4" "honeydew1" "honeydew2" "honeydew3" "honeydew4" "LavenderBlush1" "LavenderBlush2" "LavenderBlush3" "LavenderBlush4" "MistyRose1" "MistyRose2" "MistyRose3" "MistyRose4" "azure1" "azure2" "azure3" "azure4" "SlateBlue1" "SlateBlue2" "SlateBlue3" "SlateBlue4" "RoyalBlue1" "RoyalBlue2" "RoyalBlue3" "RoyalBlue4" "blue1" "blue2" "blue3" "blue4" "DodgerBlue1" "DodgerBlue2" "DodgerBlue3" "DodgerBlue4" "SteelBlue1" "SteelBlue2" "SteelBlue3" "SteelBlue4" "DeepSkyBlue1" "DeepSkyBlue2" "DeepSkyBlue3" "DeepSkyBlue4" "SkyBlue1" "SkyBlue2" "SkyBlue3" "SkyBlue4" "LightSkyBlue1" "LightSkyBlue2" "LightSkyBlue3" "LightSkyBlue4" "SlateGray1" "SlateGray2" "SlateGray3" "SlateGray4" "LightSteelBlue1" "LightSteelBlue2" "LightSteelBlue3" "LightSteelBlue4" "LightBlue1" "LightBlue2" "LightBlue3" "LightBlue4" "LightCyan1" "LightCyan2" "LightCyan3" "LightCyan4" "PaleTurquoise1" "PaleTurquoise2" "PaleTurquoise3" "PaleTurquoise4" "CadetBlue1" "CadetBlue2" "CadetBlue3" "CadetBlue4" "turquoise1" "turquoise2" "turquoise3" "turquoise4" "cyan1" "cyan2" "cyan3" "cyan4" "DarkSlateGray1" "DarkSlateGray2" "DarkSlateGray3" "DarkSlateGray4" "aquamarine1" "aquamarine2" "aquamarine3" "aquamarine4" "DarkSeaGreen1" "DarkSeaGreen2" "DarkSeaGreen3" "DarkSeaGreen4" "SeaGreen1" "SeaGreen2" "SeaGreen3" "SeaGreen4" "PaleGreen1" "PaleGreen2" "PaleGreen3" "PaleGreen4" "SpringGreen1" "SpringGreen2" "SpringGreen3" "SpringGreen4" "green1" "green2" "green3" "green4" "chartreuse1" "chartreuse2" "chartreuse3" "chartreuse4" "OliveDrab1" "OliveDrab2" "OliveDrab3" "OliveDrab4" "DarkOliveGreen1" "DarkOliveGreen2" "DarkOliveGreen3" "DarkOliveGreen4" "khaki1" "khaki2" "khaki3" "khaki4" "LightGoldenrod1" "LightGoldenrod2" "LightGoldenrod3" "LightGoldenrod4" "LightYellow1" "LightYellow2" "LightYellow3" "LightYellow4" "yellow1" "yellow2" "yellow3" "yellow4" "gold1" "gold2" "gold3" "gold4" "goldenrod1" "goldenrod2" "goldenrod3" "goldenrod4" "DarkGoldenrod1" "DarkGoldenrod2" "DarkGoldenrod3" "DarkGoldenrod4" "RosyBrown1" "RosyBrown2" "RosyBrown3" "RosyBrown4" "IndianRed1" "IndianRed2" "IndianRed3" "IndianRed4" "sienna1" "sienna2" "sienna3" "sienna4" "burlywood1" "burlywood2" "burlywood3" "burlywood4" "wheat1" "wheat2" "wheat3" "wheat4" "tan1" "tan2" "tan3" "tan4" "chocolate1" "chocolate2" "chocolate3" "chocolate4" "firebrick1" "firebrick2" "firebrick3" "firebrick4" "brown1" "brown2" "brown3" "brown4" "salmon1" "salmon2" "salmon3" "salmon4" "LightSalmon1" "LightSalmon2" "LightSalmon3" "LightSalmon4" "orange1" "orange2" "orange3" "orange4" "DarkOrange1" "DarkOrange2" "DarkOrange3" "DarkOrange4" "coral1" "coral2" "coral3" "coral4" "tomato1" "tomato2" "tomato3" "tomato4" "OrangeRed1" "OrangeRed2" "OrangeRed3" "OrangeRed4" "red1" "red2" "red3" "red4" "DeepPink1" "DeepPink2" "DeepPink3" "DeepPink4" "HotPink1" "HotPink2" "HotPink3" "HotPink4" "pink1" "pink2" "pink3" "pink4" "LightPink1" "LightPink2" "LightPink3" "LightPink4" "PaleVioletRed1" "PaleVioletRed2" "PaleVioletRed3" "PaleVioletRed4" "maroon1" "maroon2" "maroon3" "maroon4" "VioletRed1" "VioletRed2" "VioletRed3" "VioletRed4" "magenta1" "magenta2" "magenta3" "magenta4" "orchid1" "orchid2" "orchid3" "orchid4" "plum1" "plum2" "plum3" "plum4" "MediumOrchid1" "MediumOrchid2" "MediumOrchid3" "MediumOrchid4" "DarkOrchid1" "DarkOrchid2" "DarkOrchid3" "DarkOrchid4" "purple1" "purple2" "purple3" "purple4" "MediumPurple1" "MediumPurple2" "MediumPurple3" "MediumPurple4" "thistle1" "thistle2" "thistle3" "thistle4"))
(sl (make <Scroll-listbox> :parent w :value l)))
;; Pack the scroll listbox
(pack sl :padx 20 :pady 20)
;; Add a binding to change the palette on double click
(bind (slot-ref sl 'listbox) "<Double-1>"
(lambda ()
(Tk:set-palette! (selection 'get))))))