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[Image] Demo directory
This directory contains the demo programs for STk. There are several
categories of demos available from here:
o STk demos: They correspond to program which don't use CLOS like
object extension of STk. These demo are quite simple and they
often mimic original Tcl/Tk demonstrations
o STklos demos: These demonstration programs use the STklos object
Extension of STk. The code of most of these demos has been kept
short to illustrate the basic of STklos programming.
o Html demo: This demo is in fact an overview of STk/STklos that I
have used once in a presentation of STklos. The pages accessible
from this link present STk but also contains links or Scheme
applets which illustrate the kind of things that can be done with
the STk browser. Of course, to properly execute the applets
contained in theses pages, you need to run the STk Html browser
(see below).
Running demonstration programs without installing STk
If you want to run a demo BEFORE a complete installation of the STk
package, you must use the shell script ../Src/test-stk in order to run
the interpreter (this shell script set some variables to run properly
the interpreter without installing it).
Running demonstration programs in the STk web browser
STk provides a simple Web browser which can be used to launch the demo
of this directory. If you are not running it now, you can type the
following command:
../Src/test-stk -f S-scape README.html
at the shell prompt.
1. STk demos
1.1 Basic STk demos
* hello.stk
This is the traditional first program. This program creates a single
button that you can click on.
Run with : ../Src/test-stk -f hello.stk
* browse.stk
A simple Unix file browser. The code of this demo is less than a page.
Run with: .../Src/test-stk -f browse.stk
1.2 Basics of STk programming
* wtour.stk
This is a rewrite of the Tcl/Tk wtour2.0 in Scheme/STk. Use the menus
to navigate through different lessons. You can make changes to the
lesson source code; click on the Apply button to see the results of the
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f ./wtour.stk ../Contrib/STk-wtour
Comment: This code is a contribution of Suresh Srinivas
1.3 Client/Server Demos
* server.stk
A simple server showing how to use the socket package. It creates an
xterm window in which a read-eval-print-loop is executed. When the
window is closed or when an error occurs, the socket is closed
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -no -f server.stk
* mc-server.stk
A multiple-clients server. On Unix, you can use several telnet sessions
to discuss with the server. Each discussion has its own dedicated
channel. Type (exit) at the STk when you want to exit the demo.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -load mc-server.stk
1.4 Fun and Games
* turtle.stk
A Logo turtle package + some demo functions.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f turtle.stk
* hanoi.stk
Hanoi towers animation.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f hanoi.stk
* queens.stk
The queens problem. You can do it yourself (and it will make sure you
follow the rules) or you can ask it to solve the puzzle starting with a
given board configuration.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f queens.stk
Comment: This code is a contribution of Grant Edwards
* stetris.stk
This is a falling block game not unlike tetris(tm) :). It is
implemented in STk just to prove it can be done, and as a challenge to
TCLers. It starts slowly and becomes faster and faster. Have fun.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f stetris.stk
Comment: This code is a contribution of Harvey J. Stein
* ttt.stk
A 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, where the board is 4x4x4, a 3 dimensional board of
four planes with four rows and four columns each.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f ttt.stk
Comment: This code is a contribution of Edin "Dino" Hodzic
1.5 Misc
* console-demo.stk
This is a simple demo showing a repl loop in a console.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f console.stk
Comment: This demo is useful for Unix users only, since under Win32 STk
is started with such a console.
* colormap.stk
This is a simple color palette written in STk.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f colormap.stk
Comment: Note that this program is no more really useful since STk
offers now the function Tk:choose-color which allow to choose a color
by name or by value.
* stkfontsel.stk
This is a simple program which uses the STk font chooser.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f stkfontsel.stk
* small-ed.stk
A small editor to create enhanced text
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f small-ed.stk
Comment: This editor use a ad-hoc format for saving file and was used
for the help buttons of various widgets in old versions of STk. It will
not be developed anymore since the preferred format for help is now
* showvars.stk
A variable shower: this program shows the value of three variables
(named a,b and c) Changing the value of one of these vars (with a set!
for instance) will redisplay its new value immediately. Run with:
../Src/test-stk -load showvars.stk
* inspector.stk
A simple demo of the inspector on Tk widgets
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f inspector.stk
Comment: Does not work with this version of STk
A new version of the inspector is in practically finished and will be
soon released.
* term.stk
A simple terminal emulator (a kind of xterm, but in a text widget).
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f term.stk
Comment: Users of Glibc2 (aka libc6, or RedHat 5.0 users): This program
has problems with new release of the libc under Linux, if your shell
has the line editing mode set. To avoid the problem you can
o disable the line editing mode of your shell
o set the SHELL variable to a dumb shell (e.g. ash)
o link STk with the old libc
o don't run the demo :-)
2. STklos demos
All the standard Tk widgets have been wrapped in STklos classes. As a
result, in STklos, Tk widgets are seen as instances of STklos classes.
There are two kinds of STklos widgets:
o Simple widgets which map one to one the Tk standard widgets
o Composite widgets which are built from simple Tk widgets (or even
simpler composite widgets).
Demonstration programs accessible from this page use indifferently
simple widgets and composite widgets.
2.1 Basic STklos demos
* hello.stklos
This is a simple rewriting of the hello.stk demonstration in STklos
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f hello.stklos
* browse.stklos
This is a simple rewriting of the browse.stk demonstration in STklos
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f browse.stklos
* stklos-demo.stklos A simple demo written in STklos.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f stklos-demo.stklos
Comment: What is interesting in this demo is not what it does, nothing
specially fancy, but how it is easy to program, IMHO.
* stklos-demo2.stklos Another simple demo written in STklos.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f stklos-demo2.stklos
Comment: Here again, what is interesting in this demo is not what it
does, nothing specially fancy, but how it is easy to program, IMHO.
* classbrowse.stklos This demo shows the STklos class browser.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f classbrowse.stklos
2.2 STklos widgets
* widget.stklos
A tour of the Tk widgets. This demo shows all the Tk widgets. This is a
rewriting in STklos of the big Tcl/Tk demo widget.tcl. For each widget
demo accessible from this program, you can see the source by just
clicking the "See code" button. You can modify the code and test your
modified version by clicking the button "Rerun demo"
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f widget.stk
Comment: This demo illustrate only the simple widgets (the ones of the
Tk library). For a composite widgets demo look at the
stklos-widgets.stklos program.
* filebox.stklos
This is a simple program which uses the <File-box> composite widget. A
<File-box> is a file requester with file name completion (on the Tab
key).This widget is itself a composition of various composite widget
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f filebox.stklos
* stklos-widgets.stklos
A quick demo of some of the STklos Composite widgets which are
available in this release.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f stklos-widgets.stklos
Comment: This code is a contribution of Drew Whitehouse
2.3 STklos Applications
* calc.stklos
This is a simplistic calculator.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f calc.stklos
* tkcolor.stklos
This is a simple color picker written in STklos. Clicking the left
mouse button in the color box sets the text color to the chosen color.
Clicking the right button sets the background color. The Select button
sets the selection to a string which can be used (by pasting it in an
xterm window) as argument of most X11 applications to set their
foreground and background color.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f tkcolor.stklos
* amib.stklos
A Mini Interface Builder.
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f amib.stklos
Comment: The current version of AMIB allow you to:
o place objects on a plane by drag and drop
o resize objects
o displace objects
o change all the slots of an object (color, font, value, ...)
o save an interface to reload it later in an application
However it is far from a really usable interface builder (but after all
it is only a 600 lines of code application!!!!)
* S-scape.stklos
The STk web browser. You are probably using it while seeing these
Run with: ../Src/test-stk -f S-scape.stklos
Erick Gallesio
Last modified: Sun Aug 22 21:16:13 CEST 1999