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| STk 4.0 Installation notes |
** This is the Windows INSTALL file. For Unix platform, please look at the
** INSTALL file
STk 4.0 has been compiled on Win32 using the VC 5.0 compiler. Files
necessary for compiling it are in the Win32 directory.
Since, I know nearly nothing on this environment, please, tell me how to make
the distribution more convenient (I know it is not ;^).
One the package is compiled, you have to install it (you cannot test
it without installing it). This can be done by using the INSTALL.BAT
script in the main directory. Give to this script the directory where
you want to install STk. For instance:
C:> install C:\STk
will install all the necessary files in the C:\STk directory.
STk doesn't use the registry mechanism, so de-installing it just
consists in deleting the installation directory.
Win32 binary release are available from
As I said before, I'm far from an expert on the Win32 environment. In
particular, I know absolutely nothing about DLL creation, compiler
environment or common customs in this environment. Any help on these
topic (or any topic btw :-) is welcome.
Erick Gallesio