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STk Extensions directory
This file contains extensions of the core interpreter which can be
dynamically loaded. See the file README in the release main directory
to see the systems for which dynamic loading support exists.
Two extensions are provided as examples:
- stack.c: a (very simple) package providing the stack type to the
interpreter. This package is presented in the documentation
about STk interpreter extension.
- when.c: an implementation of when and unless
Other extensions are more "useful":
- hash.c: a package for hash-table in Scheme (the one used by STklos)
- pixmap.c: an extension for adding the XPM (pixmap) format to Tk4.0
This extension is due to:
Harald Albrecht
Institut fuer Geometrie und Praktische Mathematik, RWTH Aachen
Aachen, Germany
- html.c: a little extensions useful for (fast) html management
- process.c: an extension which provide process access to STk
- posix.c: a set of POSIX.1 functions for STk. Must be completed
- socket.c: simple support (and hence limited) for sockets. It allows you
to make simple clients and servers program using TCP/IP
- sregexp.c Regular expressions
- base64. c provide base64 file endoding and decoding.
For more informations on extension building, read the document
"Extending the STk Interpreter" provided with the package.
Automatic generation of Makefiles
The script stk-genmake which is available in this directory can be
used to automatically build a Makefile for a set of extensions. The
Makefile is generated on standard output. For example, type
$ stk-genmake stack when > Makefile.example
To generate a makefile for the two small extensions provided with the
package. The generated Makfile takes into account the specificities of
your achitecture and is generated by configure.