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* tkWinInt.h --
* This file contains declarations that are shared among the
* Windows-specific parts of Tk, but aren't used by the rest of
* Tk.
* Copyright (c) 1995 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
* of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
* SCCS: @(#) tkWinInt.h 1.34 97/09/02 13:06:20
#ifndef _TKWININT
#define _TKWININT
#ifndef _TKINT
#include "tkInt.h"
* Include platform specific public interfaces.
#ifndef _TKWIN
#include "tkWin.h"
* Define constants missing from older Win32 SDK header files.
#define WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW 0x00000080L
#ifdef STk_CODE
# ifndef CYGWIN32
typedef struct TkFontAttributes TkFontAttributes;
# endif
typedef struct TkFontAttributes TkFontAttributes;
* The TkWinDCState is used to save the state of a device context
* so that it can be restored later.
typedef struct TkWinDCState {
HPALETTE palette;
} TkWinDCState;
* The TkWinDrawable is the internal implementation of an X Drawable (either
* a Window or a Pixmap). The following constants define the valid Drawable
* types.
#define TWD_BITMAP 1
#define TWD_WINDOW 2
#define TWD_WINDC 3
typedef struct {
int type;
HWND handle;
TkWindow *winPtr;
} TkWinWindow;
typedef struct {
int type;
HBITMAP handle;
Colormap colormap;
int depth;
} TkWinBitmap;
typedef struct {
int type;
HDC hdc;
typedef union {
int type;
TkWinWindow window;
TkWinBitmap bitmap;
TkWinDC winDC;
} TkWinDrawable;
* The following macros are used to retrieve internal values from a Drawable.
#define TkWinGetHWND(w) (((TkWinDrawable *) w)->window.handle)
#define TkWinGetWinPtr(w) (((TkWinDrawable*)w)->window.winPtr)
#define TkWinGetHBITMAP(w) (((TkWinDrawable*)w)->bitmap.handle)
#define TkWinGetColormap(w) (((TkWinDrawable*)w)->bitmap.colormap)
#define TkWinGetHDC(w) (((TkWinDrawable *) w)->winDC.hdc)
* The following structure is used to encapsulate palette information.
typedef struct {
HPALETTE palette; /* Palette handle used when drawing. */
UINT size; /* Number of entries in the palette. */
int stale; /* 1 if palette needs to be realized,
* otherwise 0. If the palette is stale,
* then an idle handler is scheduled to
* realize the palette. */
Tcl_HashTable refCounts; /* Hash table of palette entry reference counts
* indexed by pixel value. */
} TkWinColormap;
* The following macro retrieves the Win32 palette from a colormap.
#define TkWinGetPalette(colormap) (((TkWinColormap *) colormap)->palette)
* The following macros define the class names for Tk Window types.
* The following variable indicates whether we are restricted to Win32s
* GDI calls.
extern int tkpIsWin32s;
* The following variable is a translation table between X gc functions and
* Win32 raster op modes.
extern int tkpWinRopModes[];
* The following defines are used with TkWinGetBorderPixels to get the
* extra 2 border colors from a Tk_3DBorder.
#define TK_3D_LIGHT2 TK_3D_DARK_GC+1
#define TK_3D_DARK2 TK_3D_DARK_GC+2
* Internal procedures used by more than one source file.
extern LRESULT CALLBACK TkWinChildProc _ANSI_ARGS_((HWND hwnd, UINT message,
WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam));
extern void TkWinClipboardRender _ANSI_ARGS_((TkDisplay *dispPtr,
UINT format));
extern LRESULT TkWinEmbeddedEventProc _ANSI_ARGS_((HWND hwnd,
UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam));
extern void TkWinFillRect _ANSI_ARGS_((HDC dc, int x, int y,
int width, int height, int pixel));
extern COLORREF TkWinGetBorderPixels _ANSI_ARGS_((Tk_Window tkwin,
Tk_3DBorder border, int which));
extern HDC TkWinGetDrawableDC _ANSI_ARGS_((Display *display,
Drawable d, TkWinDCState* state));
extern int TkWinGetModifierState _ANSI_ARGS_((void));
extern HPALETTE TkWinGetSystemPalette _ANSI_ARGS_((void));
extern HWND TkWinGetWrapperWindow _ANSI_ARGS_((Tk_Window tkwin));
extern int TkWinHandleMenuEvent _ANSI_ARGS_((HWND *phwnd,
UINT *pMessage, WPARAM *pwParam, LPARAM *plParam,
LRESULT *plResult));
extern int TkWinIndexOfColor _ANSI_ARGS_((XColor *colorPtr));
extern void TkWinPointerDeadWindow _ANSI_ARGS_((TkWindow *winPtr));
extern void TkWinPointerEvent _ANSI_ARGS_((HWND hwnd, int x,
int y));
extern void TkWinPointerInit _ANSI_ARGS_((void));
extern LRESULT TkWinReflectMessage _ANSI_ARGS_((HWND hwnd,
UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam));
extern void TkWinReleaseDrawableDC _ANSI_ARGS_((Drawable d,
HDC hdc, TkWinDCState* state));
extern LRESULT TkWinResendEvent _ANSI_ARGS_((WNDPROC wndproc,
HWND hwnd, XEvent *eventPtr));
extern HPALETTE TkWinSelectPalette _ANSI_ARGS_((HDC dc,
Colormap colormap));
extern void TkWinSetMenu _ANSI_ARGS_((Tk_Window tkwin,
HMENU hMenu));
extern void TkWinSetWindowPos _ANSI_ARGS_((HWND hwnd,
HWND siblingHwnd, int pos));
extern void TkWinUpdateCursor _ANSI_ARGS_((TkWindow *winPtr));
extern void TkWinWmCleanup _ANSI_ARGS_((HINSTANCE hInstance));
extern HWND TkWinWmFindEmbedAssociation _ANSI_ARGS_((
TkWindow *winPtr));
extern void TkWinWmStoreEmbedAssociation _ANSI_ARGS_((
TkWindow *winPtr, HWND hwnd));
extern void TkWinXCleanup _ANSI_ARGS_((HINSTANCE hInstance));
extern void TkWinXInit _ANSI_ARGS_((HINSTANCE hInstance));
#endif /* _TKWININT */