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;;;; c l a s s - b r o w s e r . s t k l o s -- Class browser
;;;; Copyright © 1998-1999 Erick Gallesio - I3S-CNRS/ESSI <>
;;;; Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute,and license this
;;;; software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted,
;;;; provided that existing copyright notices are retained in all
;;;; copies and that this notice is included verbatim in any
;;;; distributions. No written agreement, license, or royalty fee is
;;;; required for any of the authorized uses.
;;;; This software is provided ``AS IS'' without express or implied
;;;; warranty.
;;;; Author: Erick Gallesio []
;;;; Creation date: 25-Aug-1998 20:12
;;;; Last file update: 3-Sep-1999 19:49 (eg)
(require "Tk-classes")
(require "method-editor")
(define-module class-browser
(import STklos STklos+Tk Tk)
(export class-browser browse-class)
(define *browser-current* #f)
(define *browser-notepad* #f)
(define *browser-tree* #f)
(define *browser-window* #f)
(define-class <Inheritance-item> (<Hierarchy-item>) ())
(define-class <Inheritance-tree> (<Hierarchy-tree>)
((entry :init-form #f)
(items-type :init-form <Inheritance-item>)))
(define-method open-item((self <Inheritance-item>))
(unless (slot-ref self 'open)
(let* ((data (slot-ref self 'data))
(children (slot-ref self 'children))
(hierarchy (slot-ref self 'parent))
(subclasses (class-direct-subclasses data)))
(when (and (null? children) (not (null? subclasses)))
(for-each (lambda (x)
(if (null? (class-direct-subclasses x))
(add-leave hierarchy self x)
(add-node hierarchy self x)))
(sort subclasses
(lambda (x y)
(string<? (symbol->string (class-name x))
(symbol->string (class-name y))))))))
;; Do the redisplay
(define-method close-item((self <Inheritance-item>))
(slot-set! self 'children '())
(define-method label-item((self <Inheritance-item>))
(let* ((data (slot-ref self 'data))
(len (length (class-direct-supers data)))
(name (class-name data)))
(if (> len 2)
(format #f "~A : ~A" name len) ; class has multiple super-classes
(define-method select-item ((self <Inheritance-item>))
(let* ((data (slot-ref self 'data))
(parent (slot-ref self 'parent))
(entry (slot-ref parent 'entry)))
(unless (equal? data *browser-current*)
(set! *browser-current* data)
;; Update all the listboxes with information relative to the current class
(select-tab (current-tab *browser-notepad*))
(slot-set! entry 'value (class-name data))
(define (create-hierarchy top)
(let* ((f (make <Frame> :parent top))
(e (make <Labeled-Entry> :parent f :title "Current Class"
:relief "ridge" :border-width 2))
(h (make <Inheritance-tree> :parent f :relief "raised" :border-width 2)))
(pack e :expand #f :fill "x" :padx 3 :pady 3)
(pack h :expand #t :fill "both")
(slot-set! h 'entry e)
(add-node h #f <top>)
(set! *browser-tree* h)
(define (create-notepad toplevel)
(define lbs (make-vector 8))
(define n (make <Notepad> :parent toplevel))
(define index 0)
(define (create-listbox parent txt index)
(let* ((f (make <Frame> :parent parent))
(l (make <Label> :parent f :text txt))
(lb (make <Scroll-listbox> :parent f)))
(set! (background (listbox-of lb)) "white")
(pack l :fill "x" :expand #f)
(pack lb :fill "both" :expand #t)
(vector-set! lbs index lb)
(define (internal-page index txt1 txt2 proc1 proc2)
(lambda (parent tab)
;; If this is the first call for this page, instanciante it
(unless (page tab)
(let* ((paned (make <HPaned> :parent parent))
(f1 (create-listbox (top-frame-of paned) txt1 index))
(f2 (create-listbox (bottom-frame-of paned) txt2 (+ index 1))))
(pack f1 f2 :expand #t :fill "both")
(set! (page tab) paned)))
;; Executed each time we select this page
(pack (page tab) :pady 5 :padx 3 :fill "both" :expand #t)
(when *browser-current*
(proc1) ;; To fill the upper part of the page
(proc2)))) ;; ........... lower ................
(define (new label txt1 txt2 proc1 proc2)
(let ((index (- index 2))) ; UGLY! we know index has been ++ by fill-lisbox
(make <Notepad-Tab>
:parent n :text label :font '(Helvetica 10 Bold)
:action (internal-page index txt1 txt2 proc1 proc2))))
(define convert-method
(lambda (m)
(format #f "~A ~S" (generic-function-name(method-generic-function m))
(map* class-name (method-specializers m)))))
(define (sort-symbols l)
(sort l (lambda (s1 s2)
(string<? (symbol->string (cdr s1)) (symbol->string (cdr s2))))))
(define (sort-strings l)
(sort l (lambda (s1 s2) (string<? (cdr s1) (cdr s2)))))
(define (show-slot s)
(let* ((top (make <Toplevel> :title "Slot Description"))
(edit (make <Scheme-text> :parent top :relief "ridge" :border-width 3))
(quit (make <Button> :parent top :text "Quit"
:command (lambda () (destroy top)))))
(set! (value edit) (format #f "Slot ``~A'' is defined as:\n\n~A"
(slot-definition-name s) (pp s 50 #f)))
(set! (background (text-of edit)) "white")
;; change title to differentiate it from the body
(tag-add (make <Text-tag> :parent edit :underline #t :foreground "brown3")
"0.0" "2.0")
;; pack everybody
(pack edit :expand #t :fill 'both)
(pack quit :expand #f :anchor 'w :ipadx 20)))
(define (fill-listbox convert build-list sortproc selectproc)
(let* ((idx index)
(res (lambda ()
(let* ((lb (vector-ref lbs idx))
(l1 (build-list *browser-current*))
(l2 (map convert l1))
(l3 (sortproc (map cons l1 l2))))
;; l1 is the list of objects. l2 is the list of the names of
;; these objects (to be inserted in the listbox). l3 is the
;; a A-list built from l1 and l2. l3 is sorted on the values
;; of l2.
(bind lb "<Double-1>"
(lambda ()
(let ((active (listbox-index lb "active")))
(selectproc (car (list-ref l3 active))))))
(set! (value lb) (map cdr l3))))))
(set! index (+ index 1))
;; Create-notepad starts here
(new "Super\nClasses" "Direct Super Classes" "Class Precedence List"
(fill-listbox class-name class-direct-supers sort-symbols browse-class)
(fill-listbox class-name class-precedence-list (lambda(l)l) browse-class))
(new "Sub\nClasses" "Direct Subclasses" "All Subclasses"
(fill-listbox class-name class-direct-subclasses sort-symbols
(fill-listbox class-name class-subclasses sort-symbols browse-class))
(new "Slots" "Direct Slots" "All Slots"
(fill-listbox slot-definition-name class-direct-slots sort-symbols
(fill-listbox slot-definition-name class-slots sort-symbols show-slot))
(new "Methods" "Direct Methods" "All Methods"
(fill-listbox convert-method class-direct-methods sort-strings
(fill-listbox convert-method class-methods sort-strings method-editor))
(set! *browser-notepad* n)
(define (init-class-browser . parent)
(let* ((top (if (null? parent)
(make <Toplevel> :title "** STklos Class browser **")
(car parent)))
(paned (make <VPaned> :parent top :width 700 :height 400 :fraction .4))
(h (create-hierarchy (left-frame-of paned)))
(pad (create-notepad (right-frame-of paned)))
(quit (make <Button> :parent top :text "Quit"
:command (lambda() (destroy top)))))
(pack h pad paned :fill 'both :expand #t)
(pack quit :anchor 'w :ipadx 20)
(wm 'protocol (Id top) "WM_DELETE_WINDOW" (lambda ()
(set! *browser-window* #f)
(destroy top)))
(set! *browser-window* top)))
(define (browse-class class)
(unless *browser-window* (init-class-browser))
(let* ((cpl (reverse (class-precedence-list class)))
(proc (lambda (i)
(let ((data (slot-ref i 'data)))
(when (memq data cpl)
(open-item i)
(if (eq? data class) (select-item i)))))))
(walk-hierarchy *browser-tree* proc)))
(define (class-browser . parent)
(apply init-class-browser parent)
(browse-class <top>))
(import class-browser)
(define class-browser (with-module class-browser class-browser))
(provide "class-browser")