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<TITLE>STk File box help (20-Sep-1995)</TITLE>
<!-- Changed by: Erick Gallesio, 20-Sep-1995 -->
<H1><IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="Img/note.gif">STk File box help</H1>
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This file box is an instance of the <TT>&lt;File-box&gt; </TT>composite class.
The <B>Parents</B> list contains current path exploded with one
directory per line. Clicking on an item of this list allows a rapid
access to a parent directory.
The <B>Files</B> list contains the files of the current
directory. Special files (i.e dotted files) are shown iff the check
button <I>All files</I>, situated on the bottom of the window, is set.
A file name can also be typed-in in the <B>File name</B>
entry. Use the <TT>Tab</TT> key to perform automatic completion.
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