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<H2><IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="./Img/ManPageBlue.gif"> destroy</H2>
<I>Destroy one or more windows</I><P><IMG ALIGN=TOP SRC="./Img/line-red.gif">
<H3><A NAME="M2">SYNOPSIS</A></H3>
(<B>destroy </B>?<I>window window ...</I>?)<BR>
This procedure deletes the windows given by the
<I>window</I> arguments, plus all of their descendants.
If a <I>window</I> <B>*root*</B> (or ``.'') is deleted then the entire application
will be destroyed.
The <I>window</I>s are destroyed in order, and if an error occurs
in destroying a window the procedure aborts without destroying the
remaining windows.
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