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<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>STk procedure - Tk:choose-color manual page</TITLE></HEAD>
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<H2><IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="./Img/ManPageGreen.gif"> Tk:choose-color</H2>
<I>pops up a dialog box for the user to select a color.</I><P><IMG ALIGN=TOP SRC="./Img/line-red.gif">
<H3><A NAME="M2">SYNOPSIS</A></H3>
<B>(tk:choose-Color </B>?<I>option value ...</I>?)<BR>
This procedure is part of the STk library.
The procedure <B>Tk:choose-color</B> pops up a dialog box for the
user to select a color. The following <I>option-value</I> pairs are
possible as command line arguments:
<DT><A NAME="M4"><B>:initial-color</B> <I>color</I></A><DD>
Specifies the color to display in the color dialog when it pops
<DT><A NAME="M5"><B>:title</B> <I>titleString</I></A><DD>
Specifies a string to display as the title of the dialog box. If this
option is not specified, then an empty title will be displayed.
If the user selects a color, <B>Tk:choose-color</B> will return the
name of the color. If the
user cancels the operation, <B>Tk:choose-color</B> will return
<H3><A NAME="M6">EXAMPLE</A></H3>
<PRE>(pack (button '.b :text &quot;foo&quot;
:bg (Tk:choose-color :initial-color &quot;gray&quot;
:title &quot;Choose color&quot;)))</PRE>
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