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<H2><IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="./Img/ManPageBlue.gif"> bell</H2>
<I>Ring a display's bell</I><P><IMG ALIGN=TOP SRC="./Img/line-red.gif">
<H3><A NAME="M2">SYNOPSIS</A></H3>
(<B>bell </B><B>:displayof </B><I>window</I>)<BR>
This procedure rings the bell on the display for <I>window</I> and
returns an empty string.
If the <B>:displayof</B> option is omitted, the display of the
application's main window is used by default.
The procedure uses the current bell-related settings for the display, which
may be modified with programs such as <B>xset</B>.
This procedure also resets the screen saver for the screen. Some
screen savers will ignore this, but others will reset so that the
screen becomes visible again.
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