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% STk Reference manual (Appendix: Changes)
% Author: Erick Gallesio []
% Creation date: 21-Dec-1997 20:09
% Last file update: 27-Sep-1999 15:45 (eg)
This appendix lists the main differences\footnote{ Only the
differences which affect the language or new ports are reported
here. In particular, internal changes, packages written in Scheme,
STklos or performance enhancements are not discussed here.} among
the various recent versions of STk. Differences with older versions
as well as implementation changes are described in the CHANGES file
located in the main directory of the STk distribution.
\section*{Release 4.0.1}
\small{\emph{Release date: 09/27/99}}
Mains changes/modifications since 4.0.1:
\item Integration of SFI-9
\section*{Release 4.0.0}
\small{\emph{Release date: 09/03/99}}
Mains changes/modifications since 3.99.4:
\item define-syntax
\item Integration of SRFI-{0,2,6,8}
\section*{Release 3.99.4}
\small{\emph{Release date: 02/02/99}}
Mains changes/modifications since 3.99.3:
\item Virtuals ports
\section*{Release 3.99.3}
\small{\emph{Release date: 09/30/98}}
Mains changes/modifications since 3.99.2:
\item Tk version is 8.0.3
\item Base64 Encoding/Decoding extension
\item Locale extension to treat strings and character using locale
\section*{Release 3.99.2}
\small{\emph{Release date: 04/27/98}}
Mainly a bugs correcting release.
New function: \texttt{write*} which handle circular structures. \texttt{Format}
accepts now the special tag ``\verb+~W+'' for circular structures writing.
\section*{Release 3.99.1}
\small{\emph{Release date: 04/27/98}}
Mainly a bugs correcting release
\section*{Release 3.99.0}
\small{\emph{Release date: 04/10/98}}
Changes can be classified in three categories:
\item About Scheme
\item A module system has been added
\item Integration of the Bigloo \ide{match-case} and
\ide{match-lambda} primitives. Furthermore, the file \emph{bigloo.stk}
provides some compatibility between {\stk} and bigloo modules.
\item A simple Foreign Function Interface has been added.
\item integrates the {\rfive} \ide{values} and \ide{call-with-values}
\item multi-line comments have been added.
\item new file primitives: \texttt{remove-file}, \texttt{rename-file} and
\item new list primitives: \texttt{append!}, \texttt{last-pair},
\texttt{remq}, \texttt{remv} and \texttt{remove}.
\item \texttt{load}, \texttt{try-load} and \texttt{autoload?} can nw
be called with a module as second parameter. If this second parameter is
present, the loading is done in the environment of the given module.
\item About Tk
\item Integration of the Tk8.0 toolkit
\item Buttons, Checkbuttons and Radiobuttons can use a
\texttt{:variable} and \texttt{:textvariable} in a given
environment. This environment is given with the new \texttt{:environment}
\item About STklos
\item The MOP of {\stklos} is now very similar to the CLOS's MOP. In
particular generic function has been added for controlling slot
accesses, as well as numerous introspection functions.
\item When a class is redefined, the instances and methods which uses it
are redefined accordingly, as in CLOS (i.e. if anew slot is added in a
class, all its -- direct or indirect -- instances will have the new
slot added dynamically.
\section*{Release 3.1.1}
\small{\emph{Release date: 09/26/96}}
This release is a bug correction release. It corrects a lot of bugs.
A lot of these bugs prevent to install it on some architectures.
\section*{Release 3.1}
\small{\emph{Release date: 07/24/96}}
\item Version of Tk is now at Tk4.1 level.
\item STk has been ported on Windows 95 and Windows NT.
\item Ports can have a handler which is executed when port becomes
readable or writable (see primitives \texttt{when-port-readable} and
\item Sockets in server mode allow multiple concurrent connection.
\item \stklos{}: Two new methods: \texttt{object-eqv?} and
\texttt{object-equal?} which are called when applying \texttt{eqv?}
or \texttt{equal?} to instances.
\item New primitive:\texttt{setenv!}
\section*{Release 3.0}
\small{\emph{Release date: 01/22/96}}
\item Version of Tk is at Tk4.0p2 level.
\item Closures are fully supported by Tk. That means that a callback can be
now a Scheme closure with its environment. GC problems with closures
and usage of the dirty \texttt{address-of} are definitively gone.
\item Strings can contain null charters (printing of strings is more
friendly in write mode).
\item Signals can be redirected to Scheme closures. The end of a GC
is seen as a signal.
\item Traces on variables are changed (and re-work now): the
associated trace must be a thunk.
\item New options for some widgets to be more friendly with Scheme world
\item \stklos{}: if a method M is defined and if it is already bound
to a procedure, the old procedure is called when no method is
(define-method car ((x <integer>)) (- x 1))
(car 10) \lev 9
(car (cons 'a 'b)) \lev a
\item Small change in the STklos hierarchy. \texttt{<widget>} is now a
subclass of \texttt{<procedure>} and its meta class is
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