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.so STk-man.macros
.TH console n 4.0 STk "Tk Built-In Commands"
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make-console \- Create a console
(\fBmake\-console\fI \fB:module\fR \fImodule\fR)
The \fBmake\-console\fR procedure creates a new console in a new
toplevel window. By default the interaction loop is placed in the
current module (and changes if the current module is changed). If the
console is created in a given module, thanks to the \fB:module\fR
option, it is tied to this module. This second form of console
creation is particularly useful in debugging phases to set or consult
variables which are not exported in a module.
Use \fB(require "console")\fR to load the console package.
The defaults bindings are identical to the \fBtext\fR bindings except the
up and down arrow of on the prompt line which allow to scan the command history.