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.so STk-man.macros
.TH listener n 3.1 STk "Tk Built-In Commands"
'\" Note: do not modify the .SH NAME line immediately below!
listener \- Create and manipulate listener widgets
(\fBlistener\fI \fIwidget\-name \fR?\fIoptions\fR?)
.OP :command "" "" command
Specifies a STk procedure to associate with the listener. This procedure
is invoked when a complete s-expr is entered in the listener. This s-expr is
passed as a string to the procedure. The procedure must return the string
which will be inserted in response to the s-expr input. The default procedure
is the Identity procdure.
.OP :output-color "" "" output-color
Specifies the color used the output lines
.OP :prompt-color "" "" prompt-color
Specifies the color used for the prompt
.OP :prompt "" "" prompt
Specifies the prompt used for reading s-expr. Defaults to "> "
The \fBlistener\fR procedure creates a new text window (given by the
\fIwidget\-name\fR argument) and associates it bindiangs suitable for a listener.
Since a listener is in fact a text widget, all the options of \fBtext\fR
are applicable to a listener.
The \fBlistener\fR procedure returns its
\fIwidget\-name\fR argument. At the time this procedure is invoked,
there must not exist a window named \fIwidget\-name\fR, but
\fIwidget\-name\fR's parent must exist.
A listener is a widget for doing interactive I/O. Typical usage for
this widget consists of a text window whose inputs are sent to the
Scheme evaluator and whose result is displayed in the listener. An
example for this is shown at the end of this page.
All the \fBtext\fR procedure are avialble for a listener, plus
(\fBlistener-insert-string\fR \fIwidget-name str\fR)
inserts the string \fIstr\fR just before the input prompt.
Hereafter is a simple use of the listener widget which interact with the
(listener '.t :width 50
:height 10
:command (lambda (x)
(eval-string x (global-environment))))
(pack .t)
The defaults bindings are identical to the \fBtext\fR bindings.