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1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
;;;; w w w . s t k -- WWW for STk
1999-02-02 06:13:40 -05:00
;;;; Copyright <20> 1996-1999 Erick Gallesio - I3S-CNRS/ESSI <>
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
1999-09-05 07:16:41 -04:00
;;;; Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute,and license this
;;;; software and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted,
;;;; provided that existing copyright notices are retained in all
;;;; copies and that this notice is included verbatim in any
;;;; distributions. No written agreement, license, or royalty fee is
;;;; required for any of the authorized uses.
;;;; This software is provided ``AS IS'' without express or implied
;;;; warranty.
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
;;;; This version uses some of the enhancements done by Harvey J. Stein:
;;;; Copyright (c) 1995 Harvey J. Stein (
;;;; Author: Erick Gallesio []
;;;; Creation date: 4-Oct-1996 16:14
1999-09-27 07:20:21 -04:00
;;;; Last file update: 16-Sep-1999 17:21 (eg)
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
;; This module needs a library of protocol getters & file viewers to be
;; useful. It is merely an interface for structuring access to said
;; libraries. Here the entry points defined here:
;; (www:insert-url txt url . parent)
;; Reads in URL and insert it in text widget TXT. URL is parsed
;; relative to PARENT (when provided). Basically, this routine
;; determines the protocol to use to fetch the URL, and the file type of
;; the url. Based on the protocol it selects a protocol getter to open a
;; port through which the document can be read. Based on the file type
;; it selects a document viewing function with which to view the
;; document.
;; (www:view-url txt url . parent)
;; Reads in URL and displays it in text widget TXT. The main difference
;; with www:insert-url is that this function clears the txt widget
;; before inserting the URL content.
;; (www:add-protocol proto port-maker)
;; adds protocol getter for specified protocol. Protocol should be
;; something one would see at the beginning of a url (such as http).
;; It should be a symbol. port-maker is a closures taking 1 argument
;; - a parsed url. It should return a pair formed of a port through
;; which the specified URL can be read and a thunk to close this port.
;; (www:add-viewer regexp viewer)
;; adds a viewer for files which satisfy the given regexp. The viewer
;; should take 3 arguments, a text widget, a port and a parsed url.
;; The viewer should read the document from the port, and display it
;; in the text widget. However, the viewer is free to take some
;; action other than viewing the document (such as poping up a save-to
;; dialog box, or an auxiliary handler for the document).
;; This module also exports the following hooks
;; (www:hook-title title) called when title change
;; (www:hook-location title) called when location URL change
;; (www:hook-start-loading) called when a new page is loaded
;; (www:hook-stop-loading) called when a new page has been loaded
;; (www:hook-formatting) called often when formatting (pulse)
1999-09-27 07:20:21 -04:00
;; (www:hook-mailto . to) tested when a mailto: is encountered
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
;; These hooks are set by default to #f (no action)
;; The exported variable
;; www:stop-loading
;; is read periodically during loading. Setting it to #t interrupts loading
(require "hash")
(require "www-url")
;; Module stuff
(define-module WWW
(import Scheme Tk URL)
(export WWW:view-url WWW:insert-url WWW:add-protocol WWW:add-viewer
www:hook-title www:hook-location www:hook-start-loading
1999-09-27 07:20:21 -04:00
www:hook-stop-loading www:hook-formatting www:hook-mailto))
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
(select-module WWW)
;; Exported variables and Hooks
(define WWW:stop-loading #f) ;; Set it to #t to interrupt loading
(define (www:hook-title title) #f) ;; called when title change
(define (www:hook-location title) #f) ;; called when location URL change
(define (www:hook-start-loading) #f) ;; called when a new page is loaded
(define (www:hook-stop-loading) #f) ;; called when a new page has been loaded
(define (www:hook-formatting) #f) ;; called often when formatting (pulse)
1999-09-27 07:20:21 -04:00
(define www:hook-mailto #f) ;; tested when a mailto: is encountered
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
; P r o t o c o l s m a n a g e m e n t
(define *protocols* (make-hash-table)) ; Table of recognized protocols
(define (www:add-protocol proto port-maker)
(hash-table-put! *protocols* proto port-maker))
(define (get-protocol->port proto)
(hash-table-get *protocols* proto #f))
; V i e w e r s m a n a g e m e n t
(define *viewers* (make-hash-table)) ; Table of document viewers
(define (www:add-viewer key viewer)
(hash-table-put! *viewers* key viewer))
(define (get-viewer filename)
;; Try to find a viewer for a given file. We work only on the filename
;; suffix, here. That's clearly not sufficient.
(let loop ((l (hash-table->list *viewers*)))
(if (null? l)
(let ((item (car l)))
(if (and (regexp? (car item)) ((car item) filename))
;; regexp matches
(cdr item)
;; continue search
(loop (cdr l)))))))
; v i e w - u r l
(define *loading-document* #f)
(define (WWW:view-url txt url . parent)
(when *loading-document*
;; We are loading a document. Stop this loading
(set! www:stop-loading #t)
;; Start the loading of the new document
(set! *loading-document* #t)
; Reset text
1999-02-02 06:13:40 -05:00
(tk-set! txt :state "normal" :wrap "word" :tabs 8)
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
(txt 'delete 1.0 "end")
; Insert url
(set! www:stop-loading #f)
(let ((res (apply www:insert-url txt url parent)))
1999-09-27 07:20:21 -04:00
(www:hook-location (apply url:pretty-url url parent))
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
(tk-set! txt :state "disabled") ; make text read-only
(set! *loading-document* #f)
; i n s e r t - u r l
(define (port-on-url url . parent)
(letrec ((url->port (lambda (url)
(let* ((service (url:service url))
(converter (get-protocol->port service)))
(and converter (converter url)))))
(parsed-url (if (and (list? url) (null? parent))
url ;already parsed
(apply url:parse-url url parent))))
(let ((p (url->port parsed-url))) ; Return <port, full-url, close-port>
1999-09-27 07:20:21 -04:00
(if p
(vector (car p) parsed-url (cdr p))
(vector #f parsed-url #f)))))
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
(define (WWW:insert-url txt url . parent)
(let* ((P (apply port-on-url url parent))
(port (vector-ref P 0))
(parsed-url (vector-ref P 1))
(close (vector-ref P 2))
(viewer (get-viewer (url:filename parsed-url))))
(unless viewer
;; No viewer, try to guess one depending of protocol used
(case (url:service parsed-url)
((HTTP) (set! viewer (hash-table-get *viewers* 'html #f)))
((FILE) (set! viewer (hash-table-get *viewers*
(if (input-string-port? port)
;; this is generated HTML
;; (e.g. a dir listing)
(unless viewer ; again
1999-09-27 07:20:21 -04:00
(error "Don't know how to handle the URL ~S" (apply url:pretty-url
url parent))))
1998-04-10 06:59:06 -04:00
;; Viewer is known now. Here we go
(let ((res (viewer txt port parsed-url)))
;; File formats
(require "www-html")
(require "www-txt")
(require "www-img")
(require "www-snd")
;;---- Protocols
(require "www-http")
(require "www-file")
(provide "www")