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<TITLE>STk error help (13-Sep-1995)</TITLE>
<!-- Changed by: Erick Gallesio, 13-Sep-1995 -->
<H1><IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="Img/note.gif">STk stack window help</H1>
<IMG ALIGN=TOP SRC="Img/colorline.gif">
This window allows you to see the stack when an error occurs. Two
sub-windows compose it.
<LI> the topmost window (labeled <strong>Stack content</strong>)
shows the contents of the stack when the error occurred. Each line
contains the parameters passed to an invocation of the <TT>eval</TT>
procedure (last call to eval is on the first line).
This window is also made of two sub-windows.
<LI> On the left side is the environment in which the expression
must be evaluated. Click on an item of this list to view
the bindings defined in this environment.
<LI> On the right side, there is the expression to evaluate. Clicking on
an item of this list sets the <em>Listener</em>
default environment to the environment of this expression.
<LI> the bottom window (labeled <strong>Listener</strong>) allows you to
interact with the <EM>STk</EM> interpreter. The listener reads an
expression in this window, evaluates it (in the environment previously
selected in the above <EM>Stack window</EM>) and prints its result in
this window.
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