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<h2>Texas Instruments</h2>
<p>PC-Scheme is a Scheme implementation originally written by
Texas Instruments. This directory contains the version made
public by TI. Note that the public version wasn't as powerful as
the commercial version.</p>
freely distributable by TI. Note that it wasn't as powerful as
the commercial version, which cost $95 and included a reference
manual and user guide.</p>
<p>PC Scheme includes an optimizing compiler, an emacs-like
editor, inspector, debugger, performance testing, foreign
function interface, window system and an object-oriented
subsystem. Conforms to the Revised^3 Report on Scheme. Also
supports the dialect used in Abelson and Sussman's SICP.</p>
<p>NOTE: Ibuki announced on July 13, 1992, that it has purchased
the rights to PC Scheme from TI and intends to make it also