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People listed in this file have contributed comments, suggestions,
criticisms, and bug reports which have helped me fix and improve
Ikarus Scheme. Without their contributions, my job would've been
much harder. I'm very thankful.
VERSION 0.0.2:
- Everybody who took the time to email me when Ikarus was released.
Thanks for the encouragements.
- Eric Hanchrow (offby1) reported the first public bug on bignum
division error
- Wolfram Fenske helped test porting the system to NetBSD and
FreeBSD, increasing the number of supported platforms from 3 to 5.
The Solaris port is still unfinished though.
- Tom Gordon reported installation problems on 64-bit systems which
resulted in improving the error report of the configure script.
- Jens Axel Søgaard(and his brother) provided solutions for
compiling Ikarus on 64-bit machines.
- Andre van Tonder reported expansion problems for top-level
programs. He also made suggestions for improving the user's
- Michael Adams helped in a zillion things including fixing typos,
making the command-line procedure consistent for scripts and
interactive sessions, installing the boot file in a proper
location (along with some help in using automake and autoconf),
filed bug reports (on expt, modulo, error, get-line,
number->string, truncate, fltruncate, flabs, substring,
define-record-type, put-u8, the expander, and the compiler), and
helped cut startup time in half by instrumenting the ikarus
- Phil Bewig wrote SRFI-41 (streams) in R6RS, which loads flawlessly
in Ikarus.
- Felix Klock reported (indirectly) that the +nan.0 and +inf.0
should be case insensitive.
- Derick Eddington reported garbage collection problems with code
that only uses bignum arithmetic. Also reported problems with
reading identifiers containing unicode escape sequences and
corrected a minor bug with export classifications.
- Kent Dybvig approved of an idea for optimizing closures that
resulted in cutting the bootstrap time in half.
- Will Clinger indirectly reported that Ikarus does not support the
#!r6rs comment.
VERSION 0.0.1:
- Kent Dybvig and Michael Adams both advised that the initial
release should build and install using the standard ./configure,
make, make install sequence. This made the lauch of Ikarus very
successful as people had little or no problems building and
installing it.
- Will Byrd gave suggestions about the minimum stuff that should go
into the user's guide and suggested having a small R6RS tutorial.
- Roshan James bugged me to port Ikarus to Windows. Only half of
his wish came true (cygwin is not windows in his dictionary).