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Abdulaziz Ghuloum 943a72f01f fixed a bug in the register allocator that was rewriting
mov8 mem1 -> mem2
    mov mem1 -> reg
    mov8 reg -> mem2
instead of
    mov8 mem1 reg
    mov reg mem2
which causes unaligned and invalid memory access when the
address mem1 is at a page boundary and the next page is 
2010-01-24 00:13:01 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 64aca7c80b one more fix for 64-bit jumps and calls. Some conditional jumps
required cross-code offsets which are now eliminated.
2009-12-31 16:41:13 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum cda06eba58 added a parameter to switch between different letrec handling routines 2009-07-06 12:07:18 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum cc569cce64 letrec optimization moved into its own file. 2009-07-04 19:47:15 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 5e02972e7f enabled debug-scc flag for debugging the scc pass of the compiler
(not useful for casual users)
2009-06-14 12:06:48 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 5f4151a2e9 moved port position into cookie instead of being its own vector. 2009-05-30 13:34:18 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 3099d1d629 moved output strings, file descriptors, and port mode into a port "cookie" 2009-05-30 13:18:43 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum eec9453fc7 - if IKARUS_LIBRARY_PATH is set, "." is no longer added to
library-path, so, whereever you set it, you should decide whether
  to include "." or exclude it.
  ["$prefix/lib/ikarus" is still added to the path so that multiple
  versions of ikarus can exist and each uses its own sources dir
  without interference]

- some cleanup in compiler to use the new include library instead of 
  "" which is no longer needed.
2009-05-30 10:46:45 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum f13876d385 - removed include and include-into from (ikarus) library
- moved include and include/lexical-context to their own 
  (ikarus include) library (source only, not in boot image).
2009-05-30 08:14:09 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 2653cedee1 expand changed:
- it now takes an optional environment (it was required)
  - it no longer returns a second value (list of libraries)
  - it's output is "pretty".

the old expand is now called core-expand.
2009-05-30 05:16:04 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum ff25a484fb - Added -d (--debug) flag that enables debugging at the repl, r6rs
scripts, and compiling dependencies.  This is the first stab at
  the debugger.  It's SLOW!
2009-05-18 02:08:02 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 3207e14fca - psyntax now produces
`(annotated-call ,annotation ,rator ,rands ...)
   form for cases when there is an annotation attached to the procedure
   call.  The compiler just stripps it out and makes no use of it.
2009-05-14 09:52:05 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 39c8e8e23f removed source annotation from primitive procedures (which were not
supposed to be there in the first place)
2009-05-14 09:09:58 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 7002046c8e - added a way of making annotated procedures without invoking the
compiler.   (useful for a future project)
- refershed all boot files (because of added primitives)
- regenerated some autoconf files (to use newer version)
2009-05-11 01:35:38 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 5c941ea62c Out-of-tree building and testing now seems to work 2009-04-06 18:47:40 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 7b60ec46a9 Non-system procedures now print with source-position. E.g.,
you now get #<procedure foo [nnn of]> or
#<procedure [nnn of]>  instead of plain #<procedure foo>
or #<procedure>.
2009-03-30 12:28:30 +03:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 814c797633 - removed bset/h instruction from the compiler (it was rarely used
and not implemented 100% correctly)
- fixed parameterize to allow (parameterize () def ... exp exp ...)
2008-09-06 04:17:20 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 6d52912aef reimplemented enums to use bitmaps instead of lists. 2008-08-03 12:52:33 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 78d9fa1f42 In 64-bit, ikarus now passes all tests, can recompile itself,
and runs all benchmarks (inefficiently but correctly).
2008-07-20 00:14:09 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum eccca7f4ea - Added trace-let-syntax, trace-letrec-syntax, as well as fixed
trace-define-syntax to handle variable transformers.

- added primops for fx comparison functions.
2008-07-11 22:31:40 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 579b823f44 WIP on tag analysis, annotations, and utilization. 2008-07-06 23:48:16 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum d73dfd1287 - More work on the new optimizer
- Deleted old optimizer and changed the meaning of optimize level to
    0: bypass the optimizer
    1: copy propagation, constant folding, no inlining
    1: copy propagation, constant folding, with inlining
  The default is set to 1.
2008-06-29 12:35:34 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 45346ef865 - Added cp0! including:
- (optimize-level [0,1,2])  and  ikarus -O[0,1,2]
       where -O0 = no optimizations
             -O1 = using old optimizer
             -O2 = using the new cp0 optimizer
       defaults to -O1 for now.
   - (cp0-size-limit n) which is the limit of the residual size for
     each inlining attempt
   - (cp0-effort-limit n) which is the limit on the effort expended 
     for each inlining attempt
- Rewrote the syntax-match macro to make use of the same technology
  used in syntax-case itself resulting in reduced code size.

- Added (system-value <symbol>) which returns the system value.
  E.g., (system-value 'car) => #<procedure car>
  This is pretty much the same as 
    (eval <symbol> (environment '(ikarus)))
  except that it does not involve compiling the expression or 
  consulting the library/expander systems.

- Fixed the fasl loader to make it understand complex numbers.
2008-06-28 02:25:44 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 7d9ed176ac More work on cp0 which can now swallow the compiler but cannot yet
fold any primitives.
2008-06-22 22:10:05 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum e65b39d95d All parameters that are bound to variables now have proper names.
E.g., pretty-width now prints as #<procedure pretty-width>.
2008-06-19 01:58:59 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 4bb7e170b5 Some procedures (like console-output-port) did not get names when
printed (instead, they were just #<procedure>).  Names for
procedures that are defined like
  (define foo
    (let ([something ---]) 
      (lamdba () ---)))
now works.
2008-06-18 22:47:56 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum ab2e05e8b0 Added inexact complex numbers. 2008-05-24 10:13:01 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 82140f87ba - Added complex numbers representation (exact complex only).
- Added make-rectangular.
- Added the ability to display complex numbers.
2008-05-18 20:39:41 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 0cd61369b2 added some preliminary work for known-types. 2008-05-16 23:27:08 -07:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum d8cd4f0acf Added engine-handler parameter and a ($swap-engine-counter! <neg-fx>)
to (ikarus system $interrupts).
2008-04-29 00:10:49 -04:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum f63f85e1cc 570 tests in 64-bit mode 2008-04-09 03:05:19 -04:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 0f55361b19 Fixes bug 205427 in letrec*. 2008-03-23 04:14:53 -04:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 163809f667 Ikarus can now compile, save, and reload a simple hello-world library. 2008-02-18 02:02:00 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum e02b646d6e Added separate compilation stubs. 2008-02-17 04:08:38 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 5c56450c3e removed some stale junk from 2008-02-17 03:11:12 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 1d6d5bec61 Some work on optimizer (still not working). 2008-02-17 02:11:04 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 30aae80c5d removed all symbolicly linked files. 2008-02-14 17:45:15 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 66b9f6968e Work in progress on reimplementing the optimizer based on
Oscar Waddell's dissertation (chapter 4).  The existing
optimizer in Ikarus is just a joke.
2008-02-13 03:29:34 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 3811d0a4c2 Loops with a single free variable no longer allocate a closure. 2008-02-11 22:18:32 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum e1d9e72983 some compiler cleanup 2008-02-11 09:29:59 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 4a731c4f28 Fixed a bug introduced earlier today that prevented bindings to
simple constants from being initialized properly.
2008-02-10 07:35:09 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 5b904b93c4 SCC-letrec optimization is now online. 2008-02-10 05:46:58 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 6df608ccd9 SCC-letrec kinda works now. 2008-02-10 05:24:16 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 4e5121af4e Implemented an experimental SCC letrec transformation which does not
work yet.
2008-02-10 03:27:31 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum f6e5e4d5b4 Added -m32 to CFLAGS/LDFLAGS, updated copyright dates and version no. 2008-01-29 00:34:34 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 7a2ac14f5a Eliminated frame-pointer adjustment around calls if the adjustment
is 0.  Previously, you'd get 
    addl 0, fpr
    subl 0, fpr
which are useless.
2008-01-10 03:26:18 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 3cd68e7ea3 Fixed bug 179978: (eq? (vector) (vector)) should evaluate to #t 2008-01-04 21:19:30 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 3b8eb4bbd4 Ikarus can compile immediates in 64-bit mode.
It feels like I'm going through my compilers tutorial all over again!
2008-01-03 04:42:10 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 341e53a36d 64-bit fasl files can now be produced and read. 2008-01-03 02:07:17 -05:00
Abdulaziz Ghuloum 3c99e7d393 fasl-write now writes different fasl objects depending on the
architecture bitness.
2008-01-02 23:22:55 -05:00